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DUI attorney Port Orchard

Jonathan R. Morrison is a Washington State Criminal Defense attorney serving King, Pierce, Kitsap, Mason counties as well as other counties throughout the entire state of Washington.

Jonathan has been successfully defending clients in Washington for over a decade. He specializes in defending DUI and Drug cases. An experienced trial lawyer can sometimes be the only thing standing between you and a guilty verdict.

Jonathan graduated from South Kitsap High School. He received his BA Degree from Seattle University. He attended the University of Wyoming and Eastern Washington University for his post-graduate studies. He received his Juris Doctorate (Law Degree) from Seattle University.

Jonathan lives in Kitsap County with his wife and four children and enjoys baseball and golf.

If you are pulled over by a police officer we provide our clients with the proper response in order to avoid incriminating yourself.

   Other than providing my driver's license, registration and proof of insurance, I do not wish to provide any information until I have consulted my attorney Jonathan R. Morrison at 360-621-8766. If he cannot be reached, I would like a public defender. I would like to talk to my lawyer now.
   If you wish to question me, or wish to obtain a waiver, I want my lawyer present. I do not want my person, car or other property to be searched. I do not want to perform any phhysical acts or tests. I do not want to participate in a line up, nor do I consent to being recorded.
    If requested to take a breath test, I want to talk to a lawyer first. If I can't get legal advice, I will submit to the test only if my driver's license will otherwise be suspended or revoked. If a breath test is given, I also want to have an independent blood test. If I am under arrest, I would like to arrange to secure my property. I do not consent to any impound or inventory of my vehicle or other property, but I do waive any claim against you for theft, loss or damage if you allow me to safeguard my own property. If I am not under arrest, I want to leave. Please tell me so I can go on my way.
    Thank you."

Your Rights

Service of an Attorney

If you wish to have a lawyer help you, it is a good idea to consult with one before making any decisions in your case. You have the right to a lawyer at all stages of the proceeding, and you may ask the court to delay matters until you have a reasonable opportunity to obtain an attorney.

DUI attorney Port Orchard

Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one is facing a criminal investigation, an arrest, a trial, or jail time in a Washington State district or federal court, then you need an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney with a proven track record. Jonathan R. Morrison has been defending clients in Washington for over 10 years. Call 360-621-8766 for a free consultation.

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